Video Display

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GUI Monitors

This selection of monitors provide perfect GUI needs, as well as being solid monitors in themselves. High brightness, solid colours and all around great monitors to add to your workflow.



View multiple inputs at once via a single screen and one bit of kit. Perfect for giving you all shots at once to make on the fly decisions and switching choices.


Professional Colour Critical Displays

For any type of professional post production work, a monitor that accurately displays color to industry standards is an indispensable tool.
Now feauturing 10-bit colour displays and HDR compliant monitors to begin working in the current video editing climate to its truest potential.

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Professional Display Accessories

Keep the centre of your workspace visable at all times and take advantage of Thunderbolt 3 technologies to connect multiple monitors at once with just one wire.


Professional Graphics Tablets

An input device that enables you to enter drawings and sketches into a computer. A graphics tablet consists of an electronic tablet and a cursor or pen.


Test Equipment

Video test equipment for getting accurate colours, HDR and more when shooting high end productions. Vector Scopes, Waveform analysis in PCIe or Rackmounted, all-in-one form for ease of use.