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EIZO produces highly specialised monitor solutions for, photo, video & graphics

Working with the Best: with ColorEdge by EIZO

ColorEdge stands for absolute precision, colour fidelity and reliability. Countless creatives around the world rely on their EIZO ColorEdge graphics monitor every day to create, view, enhance and bring their digital works to life. Whether you're editing photos or videos, creating graphics and illustrations, whether you're printing a high-quality fine art print or a brochure - as different as the creative application areas are, they all have one thing in common: you always need areliable monitor that guarantees a precise and undistorted view of the digital file. In other words: you need a ColorEdge from EIZO.

Virtual Reality and Simulation

Professional 4K Monitors for Virtual Reality and Simulation

EIZO have great options when it comes to those looking for a high-resolution display and absolute colour fidelity, and with the ability to alter designs and view the results instantly, this means there is the perfect option for anyone working with virtual reality and simulation applications.

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Excellent Image Quality

EIZO screens feature impressive high-end LCD panels, this ensures remarkable colour accuracy, high-contrast and constant rendering throughout the editing process. The 4K resolution is beneficial as it not only provides a high-quality display, it also allows you to work extremely precisely on the finest detail. EIZO guarantee only the best quality panels and well-engineered electronics, and as a result the ColorEdge displays rate highly in terms of colour fidelity and calibration which is key for applications that are colour critical.


EIZO monitors are made with the selection of only the highest quality components and follow a strict manufacturing process that means you can be confident that an EIZO monitor’s durability and reliability is of the highest standard.

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Advantages of EIZO ColorEdge Monitors

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Large Colour Space Average

Modern-day cameras offer a wide colour spectrum and it’s important that you have a monitor that covers as large a colour space as possible. For that reason, the ColorEdge’s IPS panel covers large photo colour spaces such as AdobeRGB and the CMYK print colour space ISO-Coated V2. This will be an important feature to many creative professionals, because it means they can now work with the full colour spectrum of modern cameras and there are not alterations or gaps in the display. This also means that a precise simulation of the print result in the softproof view is guaranteed.

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Hardware Calibration

While it’s important that your monitor displays the digital files you are working with correctly and accurately, it’s just as important that it consistently displays the same file the same way every time. All ColorEdge monitors use a lossless hardware calibration method to make this possible. Whereas software calibration alone can result in a loss of display quality, hardware calibration is beneficial because it not only creates a correction profile for the graphics card, it also calibrates the LUT (Look-Up-Table) of the monitor. Combining this with the free, easy-to-use, ‘colournavigator’ calibration software from EIZO, means that a ColorEdge monitor is easily corrected and without any loss.

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Elaborate Factory Calibration

Every ColorEdge monitor is individually measured and optimally adjusted at the factory. The unique factory calibration checks the curves of the red, green and blue channels closely, and are corrected if necessary. This means that the monitor is ready to use straight out of the box.

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5 Year Warranty

EIZO offer an impressive five year warranty, which is up to three years more than offered by other brands. EIZO put this down to their principle – producing innovative monitor technology with first-class materials. They are able to offer this impressive warranty due to their high-end materials, ongoing research and further development, a high level of quality controls and an on-site replacement service.

Eizo product categories

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Photography & Imagery

For photography, image editing and retouching.

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Design & Creation

Monitors for reliable image editing and colour management.

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Printing & Fine Art

Ideal for the printing sector: Colour-proof monitors.

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Video editing & Post Production

Monitors for animation, colour grading, and special effects.

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VR & Simulation

Professional, high-resolution 4K monitors for virtual reality and simulation.

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EIZO Monitor Accessories

Reduce light reflections with EIZO monitor hoods.

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