We take care of our staff

Our vision is to be the best we can by performing well

Why are we different at Scan?

Scan Computers is committed to improving the wellbeing of its workforce. Working in collaboration with two external organisations Changing Minds and Pro Fit, we aim to create supportive opportunities for its workforce to improve their wellbeing and build their resilience. As a business we proactively promote the physical and psychological wellbeing of all staff.

Why do we offer this service to our staff?

Psychological wellbeing is an important aspect of overall wellbeing (which includes social and physical wellbeing). It includes both life satisfaction and feeling of contentment, enjoyment and confidence, close relationships with others, good psychological functioning and acceptance. It has a direct impact on how individuals and groups of people (such as staff groups) can function and their resilience to cope when they experience challenges. Within a work context, psychological wellbeing can have an effect on a sense of community within a team, staff morale and productivity. Therefore, by having a focus on improving psychological wellbeing there can be several gains for an organisation (both for individual staff, within a team and overall service)

It is also recognised that our body is our ‘home’ and therefore it is also essential that physical wellbeing plays a part of our working environment. The physical wellbeing service at Scan focuses upon increasing fitness, energy and motivation and promoting better nutrition and sleep. By eating well and getting a good night’s sleep, we can ensure that we are functioning at our optimal level, reducing our vulnerability to stress and allowing ourselves to get the most out of each day.

About the people we work with

Changing Minds

Changing Minds UK is an organisation of Applied Psychologists, who aim to apply psychological knowledge and theory flexibly and effectively within the ‘real world’. They believe strongly in the importance of relationships and working with the existing strengths inherent in individuals and systems and are driven by a passion to develop more positive futures and enable others to realise their potential. We understand how demanding the work place environment can be, and also how things going on outside of work can sometimes impact on people’s ability to work effectively.

With this in mind, Changing Minds and Scan work together to provide a psychological service available to all members of Scan staff, which offers support, education and training around areas of mental health, wellbeing and performance.

There is more information available about the Changing Minds team on their website at changingmindsuk.com


Pro fit are a team of experienced trainers who attend the offices at Scan on a weekly basis to provide personal training and wellbeing services to all of our staff. As a vital part of our wellbeing and resilience plan, our long standing relationship with Pro-Fit offers a range of services to our staff including:

Health / Nutrition Coaching – 1:1 advice, support and goal setting around nutrition and physical training

Massages – 10min neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension and stress

Stretching Sessions – These stretching sessions encourage you to your body moving and use stretching exercises to release tension and stress

Training Sessions – Working with one of the Pro-fit team to improve overall fitness and work on specific fitness goals