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The latest innovations and announcements from NVIDIA

NVIDIA says farewell to x86 with its first data centre CPU

The Grace CPU is designed to give NVIDIA powered supercomputers independence from the current generation of bottlenecked X86 CPUs. Drastically increased bandwidth between the CPU and GPUs in Grace systems will deliver 10x the performance of today’s fastest servers in giant-scale AI and HPC applications.

Transform the datacentre with NVIDIA BlueField DPUs

The NVIDIA Bluefield Data Processing Unit (DPU) is a next generation network card designed to provide high speed, low latency data throughput combined with advanced security and also providing offloading of the management of software applications from the CPU. The Bluefield DPU will deliver blistering system performance when combined with NVIDIA GPU accelerators.

A new era of collaboration and simulation with NVIDIA Omniverse

Omniverse is a platform designed to revolutionise the design and delivery of graphical projects or simulated environments. Omniverse allows real time collaboration from anywhere, combining industry standard software packages in areas such as media and entertainment or architecture and construction, to offer a flexible space, where multiple creators can seamlessly combine their skills. Omniverse also provides a basis to build digital twin environments that allow simulation and testing of real world situations prior to them being physically developed.

The latest solutions coming to Scan Business

NVIDIA A5000 AI Workstations

AI development stations from 3XS Systems

NVIDIA A4000 Graphics Workstations

Graphic design workstations from 3XS Systems

NVIDIA A10 Inferencing Servers

3XS Servers for AI inferencing

NVIDIA A16 Servers for Virtual PC VDI

3XS Servers for virtual PC and desktop

NVIDIA A30 Training & HPC Servers

3XS Servers for AI training and high performance computing applications

NVIDIA DGX Station 320G

Workgroup AI training system

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Day 1 Session Highlights - 12th April 2021

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Day 2 Session Highlights - 13th April 2021

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Day 3 Session Highlights - 14th April 2021

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Day 4 Session Highlights - 15th April 2021

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Day 5 Session Highlights - 16th April 2021

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Scan CEO Session - 12th April 2021

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