Solution benefits

• Measure the distance between people
• Measure interactions (people, distance, and time).
• Determine high-risk interactions.
• Identify high-risk areas.
• Create heat maps and ad hoc reports.
• Measure real-time occupancy.
• Protect employees and customers by limiting exposure

For The Long-Term and Short-Term

Short-Term Benefits

• Display important messages of up-to-date health and safety guidelines on digital signage
• Automate actions such as customer occupancy to minimise high-risk interactions
• Identify zones of risk and how to allocate personnel or redesign the space to avoid them
• Analytical reports that reveal the number and location of dangerous interactions.

Long-Term Benefits

• Orchestrate an intelligent system that activates actions to modify in-store behaviour in real time. For example, how to drive traffic to a particular zone or how to drive traffic away from a congested area.
• Artificial Intelligence-based digital signage that supports customers with specific promotions and dynamic prices to improve their experience and boost sales.

Tried and Tested Technology - That is Scalable, Modular and Secure

Built on Beabloo's industry renowned Active Customer Intelegence Suit these technologies have not been rushed to market, but are established, versatile products

Only what you need - Components are modular, choose only one Component to begin, and add more over time as your requirements expand

Use Exisiting Infastructure - already have screens or sensors? Our solutions are hardware agnostic, we'll work with you to make the transition as smooth as possible

Data Protection and Privacy - Data protection and Privacy are Beabloo top priorities, this is why all beabloo solutions are EU GDPR compliant and ISO 27001:2013 certified


IC Safety Content

This technology is run through the Beabloo Content Management System (CMS) making publishing content easy and accessible for employees with very little training required.

Simply prepare and upload your content to our cloud-based platform, customise the look and feel using the template driven system and finally publish your content to any screen using our flexible scheduling options.

It also educates customers about the technologies used onsite that are safeguarding their well-being.

IC Content

SCAN Digital Signage


IC Occupancy Control

IC Occupancy Control displays occupancy of your physical spaces in real-time on digital signage.

Depending on how many people are inside the space, it allows customers to enter or makes them wait.

If necessary, you can manually update the number of people inside (feature available soon) and the number of people allowed inside.

To use this component, you must have a zenithal sensor installed close to any entrances and digital signage screens to display occupancy information.

IC Occupancy Control

SCAN Digital Signage


IC Thermal Sensing

IC Thermal Sensing checks temperatures in real time of everyone who comes into your premises.

When the sensor detects someone with a higher temperature than the threshold you set, it will trigger an audio and/or digital signage alert.

You can choose whether to send the alerts to employees, or to people entering the space.

To use this component, you must have a thermal sensor installed close to any entrances and a digital signage screen to display the alerts.

IC Thermal Sensing

SCAN Digital Signage


IC Mask Detection

In many instances, masks are advisable but also can be a mandatory requirement to help prevent the spread of illness.

The use of discreetly mounted cameras can assess if people are wearing a mask. If a person is detected without a mask the solution can trigger on screen alerts to advise them of the benefits or send a notification to designated staff if masks are mandatory.

This solution uses anonymous facial detection and is able to tailor dynamic messaging to different age groups, such as the elderly.

The system can also estimate distance between passers-by and activate on-screen alerts to help maintain social distancing.

IC Mask Detection

IC Employee Aid (component available soon)

IC Employee Aid sends alerts (video and/or audio) to your employees, to help protect when customers get too close to them.

To use this component, you must have a zenithal sensor installed above the controlled area and a digital signage screen to display the alerts.

These messages will interrupt the regularly programmed content on the screens, so no additional signage is required.

IC Employee Aid

IC Activity Monitor

IC Reports provide meaningful information about interactions in your physical spaces, through a dashboard or an API.

This component tracks all the interactions that take place in a physical space, and shows you how many high-risk interactions occurred and where. You can use this data to identify high-risk areas and make appropriate adjustments.

To use this component, you must have at least one zenithal sensor installed. According to World Health Organization guidelines, an interaction is considered high-risk when two people come within one meter of each other. However, the default distance of one meter can be customized if your business requires a different distance.

IC Reports