Omnichannel CMS

Beabloo’s Omnichannel, cloud-based content management system (CMS) helps to remove costs associated with the traditional method of POS, such as printing and distribution, bridging the gap between online and offline marketing. Create content and display information that responds to ever-changing trends and buying behaviours of customers in an engaging way, and use APIs to adapt this even further.

The CMS is powerful and easy to use. It is a cloud-based solution, meaning everything is managed through a web browser without the need to install any third-party software. Update and deploy your content from just about any device that’s connected to the Internet, with just a few clicks.

As an Omnichannel solution, the same piece of content can easily be used for many different display methods, from single large format screens, to multi-screen video walls, with the option of publishing to social media/webpages or mobile apps – all of this can be done with one central CMS.

Create a message once, and publish it easily on all platforms.

Publishing Content Made Easy


1. Create & Upload Content

Log on to the CMS, and upload your content to our cloud-based platform.


2. Create a Program

Customise the look and feel of the content, using our template driven system.


3. Assign & Schedule Content

Publish your content to any screen using our flexible scheduling options.

Supported Media Formats

Our CMS system is compatible with the majority of file formats including but not limited to:

Not only do we accept regular file formats, we can also publish live data feeds such as Social Media*, RSS feeds, live TV**, and local weather information. Beabloo’s API can also link into 3rd party databases upon request.

*Facebook and Twitter currently supported
**TV Licence must be used when displaying live or pre-recorded TV

Conditional Content

Promoting the right content, to the right person, at the right time – by using conditional content Scan digital signage solutions have many ways of automatically promoting messages using systems such as anonymous facial detection, beacons and lift & learn technology. Beabloo can also track the local weather, enabling retailers to promote products or services based on local conditions or provide weather warnings for public spaces.

For example, if it’s raining, the system could automatically promote a special offer on umbrellas or if it’s hot and sunny it could promote the latest pair of sunglasses. Of course, content doesn’t have to be based on weather conditions, it can be part of a larger campaign. It’s just one of the many different ways you can use the Beabloo CMS.

Beabloo Players

Our wide range of certified content players run Beabloo’s own CMS and can be managed any time and place, meaning our clients receive the most secure and efficient signage players on the market. Our clients have the flexibility of choosing a solution that is fully adapted to their digital signage needs and can access performance statistics through the Beabloo CMS.

Simply set up your display and player once, connecting the power and network, and then it can all be managed through over the internet using a web browser without the need to be physically at the location.

Samsung SoC Player

Beabloo offers a Digital Signage solution that runs natively on Samsung System On Chip (SOC*) displays. Compared to normal digital signage displays that use an external media player, Beabloo Samsung SOC system consists of a display and an embedded player in one. Not only does this make SOC player deployment inexpensive and installation much easier, but also due to the remote management capabilities of these screens, it makes support and maintenance much more efficient, for complete peace of mind.

*Compatible with Samsung SSP4, SSP5, SSP6

Video Wall

Create amazing experiences when customers visit your store or organisation with a Beabloo Video Wall. Achieve 4k resolution in Ultra-HD and create an expansive visual experience by connecting up to 25 screens with an easy-to-implement hardware infrastructure. Beabloo Video Wall is unlike other video-wall solutions available on the market, as it allows you to incorporate an analytics engine, which can provide audience and traffic analytics, or add interactive capabilities such as proximity notifications and interactive readers.

When Beabloo’s Content Management System capabilities are combined with Userful’s flexible approach to creating dynamic and striking artistic video walls, we can create video walls that are not only stunning to the eye, but also enables them to adapt to a wide variety of situations and circumstances, transforming your otherwise simple video wall to a fully immersive and intellectual digital signage ecosystem.

Totems & Kiosks

In environments and situations where wall mounting a screen is not possible - such as hotel lobbies, exhibitions, outdoor and public spaces - Totems and Kiosks are an ideal option to install a digital signage platform.

With models to suit indoor and outdoor use, and with options that include features such as ambient light sensors that can adapt a screen brightness depending on current lighting conditions, weatherproof casings to give protection from the elements, anti-vandal features for protection from tampering.

Further customisation available with choices varying from colour and branding to match corporate identity, freestanding, bolt-to-floor, and floor-to-ceiling with both single and double-sided screens - some come complete with an integrated media player, making them simple to plug and play.

Shelf-Edge Display

Shelf edge in retail is a prime target for advertising. Shelf edge displays are micro-digital screens that sit on the edge of shelves and are able to display many forms of content including pictures, videos and pricing in a more appealing way, grabbing the attention of your potential clients.

Applications in Retail

LeMall Logo

'Le Mall' Shopping Mall

Le Mall implemented a Beabloo system to communicate with their clients. Customer wait time was optimized using an entertainment system that highlighted certain shops and their special offers, showed their latest social media posts and included advertisements. This shopping mall achieved a digital transformation and optimized customer service thanks to this Beabloo solution.

Mango Logo


Mango was looking for a new internal communication channel to be able to transmit the company’s values, achievements and internal projects more efficiently and visibly. Beabloo developed an internal communication channel by combining content preview programs with other updates from the company and displayed them in content players.