Interactive Product Display

Interactive Product Displays combine digital signage screens and interactive technologies such as Lift & Learn, that allows the customer to obtain valuable information about products in an engaging and interactive way. Through means of RFID, barcode scanning or interactive Lift & Learn shelves, the customer can learn more information regarding one or more products, and even compare them through simple gestures such as lifting or scanning items.

RFID labels and barcodes are assigned relevant product information to their ID’s within the Beabloo CMS. A customer can then scan the product to display the relevant information on the closest digital screen.

With an interactive Lift & Learn shelf, a customer lifts a tagged product and the applicable product information is displayed on the closest screen. Furthermore, if two products are lifted, it allows the customer to compare information on both products on the screen (benefits, related products, special offers and more).

This provides benefits such as giving the customer a better understanding of products and their similarities/differences when comparing them. Customers are also more engaged with your brand due to interactive way of displaying the valuable information on eye-catching screens, from single large format displays to multi-screen video walls.

Digital Signage Queue Management

Digital signage queue management is used not only as a solution to control queues but also gives customers the freedom to explore other areas of your store while maintaining their point in the queue by overlaying their queue position over advertisements around store.

The Beabloo digital signage platform is integrated with global queue management systems provided by Qmatic Solo and Onlinet.

Customers are supplied with a ticket representing their position in the queue. The queue numbers are displayed on a nearby screen. Meanwhile other screens around the store also display the current queue position in real time, in conjunction with digital signage advertisements.

This solution helps to reduce the perceived waiting time for customers in queues, whilst also helping to cross-sell other products or services within your brand, for example promoting impulse buying.

Audience Analytics can be added, to understand which content attracts customers’ attention and among which demographic groups.

Customer Feedback Survey

Customer feedback surveys are a quick and easy way to measure customer satisfaction through the use of touch screen capabilities. Combined with Anonymous Audience Analytics these touchscreens identify the demographic of the individual completing the survey. Reports are generated through our online dashboard system providing accumulated results of how customers have answered, with a cross reference to the respondents’ demographics.

This helps to collect feedback in a quick and easy way, that make your customers feel important and valued. Surveys can be customised and more focused to measure preferences and loyalty for specified areas of your brand, enabling you to monitor satisfaction and react immediately to improve the quality of your products and services with a view to increase customer satisfaction.

Virtual Customer Assistant: Halo

Halo is an AI-powered voice assistant that allows retailers to interact with customers in the store. Created by Beabloo, Halo is a knowledge bot that combines conversational and visual functionalities, including natural language processing, voice control, computer vision and digital signage.

Using a user-friendly voice, Halo is available at a digital signage point-of-interest to help provide customers with information such as, product suggestions, locations of specific products or departments in a store. Halo can make recommendations on events, restaurants and activities.

Automate customer service for any business at any location by using the Beabloo artificial intelligence assistant, ‘Halo’, which progresses retail stores to the next level of customer service with the support of virtual agents.

Halo provides a smart conversational experience to physical stores, helping answer frequently asked questions in real time as well as minimising repetitive tasks performed my human personnel.


Introducing Minerva

Minerva brings the first intelligent signage platform to physical stores, it is an AI-powered system that learns from audiences, sales, and stock data to optimise and personalise digital signage campaign planning and targeting.

Minerva, our ground-breaking digital marketing solution, features other Beabloo smart sensors such as Audience and Wi-Fi Analytics, to capture demographical and locational statistics. It also collates sales data and stock inventory in real time. It uses this data to understand what content will be most attractive to the viewer to enhance the customer experience in store. Using digital signage, Minerva can predict which content is most desirable, allowing you to show the right content to the right person at the right time.

With Minerva you no longer have to invest in costly, intuition-based marketing and instead move to an automated decision-making model, taking out all the guesswork and optimising your marketing actions.

Mobile Engagement

Beabloo Mobile Engagement offers all the benefits of proximity marketing by using smartphones and beacon technology to attract attention from customers and visitors near a specific location.

Customers receive offers, promotions and other information through apps installed on their smartphones. This information is pushed via the Beabloo CMS when a person is in the vicinity of a Bluetooth beacon. The CMS can also trigger content on nearby digital signage screens when a person is in proximity of a beacon. This means that customer specific advertisements, promotions and other key information can be presented on a screen, without the need to open this information or special offer on a smartphone.

Embedding a QR code in a message prompts action from customers when scanned by directing them to a website or social media platform, providing other offers, and more.

Communicate with your customers and improve their experience by sending timely and relevant content via push notifications throughout their journey. Therefore, increasing sales revenue by upselling complementary products using special offers and promotions.

Dynamic Signage

Dynamic signage integrates with video analytics to improve in-store advertising, delivering the desired products/services to the right customers more effectively.

Dynamic Signage uses the interactive content feature within the Beabloo CMS to determine which demographic groups will see certain messages. For example, if a business has products exclusively for women, demographic targeting will help avoid showing their ads to men.

The CMS can also adapt content based on local weather conditions. For example, promote certain pre-defined offers based on the weather at the geographical location of the screen.

This solution will help obtain a higher return on investment and reduce wasted effort on advertising to uninterested consumer groups, therefore, delivering the desired products and services to the right customers more effectively.

Audience Score

Audience Score is a web-based tool that is fully integrated with Google Analytics, to help companies learn more about online visitors and customers by assigning them a score for each website.

Users are rated based on how close they are to making a purchase in a range of 0-10. Many different customer behaviours can be added to the model such as number of searches, rate selection, number of sessions, loyalty level and more. Based on this score, companies can target potential customers more efficiently by identifying which customers are the most valuable.

This can help increase conversions by targeting segments that are most likely to purchase and optimising advertising spending and campaigns by targeting visitors with the highest audience scores.

Applied in Industry

MELIÀ – Audience Score, improving remarketing conversions

The main challenge of the project was to implement Audience Score and see how the statistical model can improve remarketing campaigns. By using Audience Score, each euro invested earned more than double than without it.

1. The ROAS obtained with the Audience Score campaign was 252% and the ROAS obtained without Audience Score was 55%. Using Audience Score meant an increase of 354%
2. Other indicators:
• The conversion increase for remarketing campaigns was 654%
• The decrease in customer acquisition cost was 79%