Audience Analytics

Audience Analytics gives an insight into content viewers in terms of demographics in a user-friendly dashboard that relates it to the attributes of the viewers, such as gender, age range, opportunity-to-see (OTS) and attention time.

The solution is based on video analytics technology and uses several algorithms for anonymous facial detection. It does this by analysing pixels that resemble the patterns of human faces and movements; therefore, no identifying data is ever recorded or stored.

Our dashboards allow you to understand what content is being viewed by which demographics. This enables you to measure the effectiveness of your content and screen location.

This data is invaluable and helps you recognise which campaigns were most successful. By making changes to the content delivered you can understand which changes had a greater impact on views, and essentially sales.

Wi-Fi Customer Insight

Beabloo Wi-Fi Customer Insight allows you to understand your customers most relevant interests and helps you gain powerful insights into your customers mobile phone activity whilst connected to your Wi-Fi. By combining Beabloo’s Big Data Platform with third-party public Wi-Fi technologies*, we can increase the return on investment from free public Wi-Fi.

Visitors log in to the free Wi-Fi, and Beabloo can begin to collect anonymous information on which apps and websites they are browsing. All the online sites are distributed into previously established categories that can be customised based on competitors, special campaign landing sites, social media, and more. The online traffic is collected, validated, analysed and presented on a cloud-based dashboard, or in customised email reports.

Use this data to improve collaboration with marketing partners and enhance targeting of strategic digital marketing campaigns by knowing which apps and websites customers are browsing the most. Distribute your marketing budget to the most cost effective platforms allowing you to maximise sales potential to the right audience.

*Compatible access points: Cisco Meraki, Cisco CMX, Aruba ALE, Ruckus

Product Advisor

Beabloo’s Product Advisor uses Google Analytics data to automatically analyse online products, it then rates and classifies them into the growth-share matrix based on their performance. This lets you visualise the performance of your products at a glance so you can make fast and accurate decisions to work towards increasing profits after identifying the online products that perform the best and worst. Conversely you can go a step further and detect the possible problems in advance by seeing which products are unsuccessful, helping to optimise product performance to increase e-commerce profitability.

Traffic Analytics

Traffic analytics measures footfall inside and outside locations, and the distribution between new and returning visitors during a selected period. Traffic analytics is provided by combining Wi-Fi and Video analytics, using Wi-Fi sensors and overhead cameras.

Cameras are installed on the ceiling for traffic video analytics, to measure how many people pass through a door/virtual gate and to identify the direction of the footfall.

Utilising Wi-Fi sensors* within the store, that anonymously track Wi-Fi enabled devices to detect their location and to estimate the traffic inside and outside the measured area.

Traffics Analytics data can be analysed within the dashboard using filters. For example, using a filter such as ‘brand’, you can graphically compare the effectiveness between each brand’s area based on visitors, visits, time and more. Further improve this capability by filtering data with audience types, including new visitors or recurrent visitors.

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*compatible access points: Cisco Meraki, Cisco CMX, Aruba ALE, Ruckus

Zone Performance

Zone Performance uses Wi-Fi analytics technology to understand the distribution of footfall within a given location. Zone performance helps you understand how the traffic moves between pre-determined zones and businesses understand the customer journey.

By utilising digital signage in high footfall locations it can aid you by directing traffic to areas with lower interest. By measuring this change you can view if digital signage has improved the efficiency of your campaign.

Statistics that are available for Zone Performance include:

Total visitors

The total number of devices that were detected inside the store, within the selected period of time (sum of daily number)

Total visits

The total number of times a device was detected inside the store, within the selected period of time.

Zones passed per visitor

The average number of zones where a visitor was detected for less time than the predefined threshold.

Zones stayed per visitor

The average number zones where a visitor was detected for more time than the predefined threshold.

Average passing time

The average time that devices were detected inside the zone for less time than the predefined threshold.

Average staying time

The average time that devices were detected inside the zone for more time than the predefined threshold.