What makes a PC Commercial?

For a PC to reliably run 24/7 it needs to have a motherboard designed for such use, rather than the occasional use of a consumer-grade PC. ASUS motherboards provide this reliability by use of higher grade components and inbuilt tools that make management of the commercial PC estate much simpler.

ASUS Features

Here at Scan, our 3XS Systems team is dedicated to providing the correct PC for the environment it will be situated in, in order to offer the best performance day-in, day-out, but to ensure the maximum return on your investment.

Exclusive Features
Dependable Reliability Efficient Management Easy Assembly
5X Protection III
24/7 Dependability
Commercial BIOS Kit
ASUS Remote Management Tool
Box Headers
Fixed Position Connectors
Color-Coded Connectors
Q-Slot and Q-Dimm
Maintain the best performance and prolog system lifespan Customise,monitor and update your system wuth automated ease Avoid pin damage and benifit from consistent layout across product generations

Built for the Commercial Space

Anti-Moisture Coating

All 3XS Commercial PC boards have an anti-moisture coating. This provides motherboard protection, and combats the higher levels of humidity that build up in densely-populated environments, such as factories, libraries, datacentres and internet cafes.

Fortitied PCI Slots

SafeSlot is the PCIe slot reinvented by ASUS and engineered to provide superior and shearing resistance which protect your graphics card investment and keep the graphics card firmly in the onboard slot. This works to extend the life of your 3XS Commercial PC.

Temperature Resistant

Optimized for twenty-four seven operations, the motherboard is tested under temperature up to 45°C and humidity up to 80% to ensure it can handle diverse temperature and humidity range of different locations.

Centralised Control

As part of every 3XS Commercial PC you’ll get a centralized server-grade IT-management suite that is designed to enhance enterprise productivity with comprehensive control through a very friendly user interface. ASUS Control Centre is a whole new centralised IT management software. The software is capable of monitoring and controlling ASUS servers, workstations, and commercial products including notebooks, desktops, All-in-One (AiO) PCs, thin client, and digital signage.

Hardware to Software /
Physical to Virtual

Monitor hardware status, utilisation software, service, and inventory; as well as supporting virtual machines such as VMware vSphere.

Power Master - Effective Energy Control for Data Centers

Integrate ASUS ASMB & Intel Data Centre Manager (Intel DCM) technology to provide real-time power consumption data. By setting up your power usage policies you can ensure that the optimised resources will help your business to save energy and money.

Easy Search and Control of you Devices

The unique Metadata Management let you tag devices with custom information. Along with the powerful searching, grouping, and Metadata functions, you can easily categorise and access to target devices.

Let the System So the Tiring Tasks

Once the Task Scheduler is setup, it automatically runs routine tasks such as turning devices on and off, dispatching software, and controlling USB usage without wasting human resources.

Enhance Information Security Easily and Quickly

ASUS Control Centre supports Windows Active Directory authentication, registry editor and USB storage disabling, to ensure that all data and information is controlled and secured - avoiding unauthorised usage.

Friendly User Interaction

The HTML5 web-based console supports RWD (responsive web design) and provides intuitive dashboard, enabling you to manage your IT environment from different types of devices anytime and anywhere.

Your Choice of Form Factor


Our range of commercial laptop PCs are built using a variety of available designs and styles for flexible deployment. Choose from a variety of specifications, including powerful Intel Core i3, i5, i7 and Xeon processors with optional discrete graphics.


Compact commercial PCs use small form factor Thin Mini ITX motherboards and are a fraction of the size of traditional PCs so are ideal for deployments where space is at a premium, or where clutter needs to be minimised. In addition to standard fan cooled PCs we also have a special range of fan-less embedded PCs with no moving parts.

Tower PC

These commercial PCs are built inside standard tower or mini-tower cases for flexible deployment. Choose from a variety of specifications, including powerful Intel Core i3, i5, i7 processors with optional discrete graphics.